Blanc de Cheval
Vineyard Location:  Ramla Valley, Gozo
Vineyard Size:  4.2 hectares
Grape Varieties:  Chardonnay
Tasting Notes:
Blanc de Cheval is a Private Estate selection wine made from Chardonnay grapes grown and handpicked from the Ramla Valley Estate in Gozo.
This estate was chosen for its proximity to the sea and its constant flow of cool gentle valley breezes assuring a slow but steady fruit maturation that gives consistently excellent quality grapes resulting in a rounded complex aromatic wine with its own distinct character.
This medium bodied white wine has distinct fruity aromas of citrus and apples bursting into zesty fruity flavours on the palette and ending with a pleasant lingering finish. It is excellent on its own or as an accompaniment to most fish, prawn and shellfish dishes. 
Ageing:  1 to 2 years